1. I wish I could take a pic of myself doing yoga. Lol not so easy though unless u have a huge mirror.

  2. Looks very inviting doesn’t it.

  3. Squished tits


  4. Gifts!

    More gifts tumblr. You are all so generous. Thank you. Panties and nail polish and a Venus butterfly! Thanks tumblr

    Now I know who gave me the gifts :)
  5. My lovely pussy

  6. A little hairy

  7. My juice

  8. Close ups :)

  9. My cute toe rings and clear nail polish


  10. Gifts

    If u are responsible for the smile I just got. Then lucky you. I opened a package and received 3 adorable toe rings and a bottle of top coat nail polish. Thank you so much sweet follower. Pics are coming! Message me if u are my gift giver!